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(1) 1 January : Proverbs 10v1 / Proverbs 1-2 / Psalm 1

BEGIN WITH PRAYER "Lord open my eyes and my heart."
Read slowly so that you take in. And as you do, turn your heart to God, thanking him for the good you discover and praying his will home for you, your family, your church and the world.
Wisdom to chew on
Proverbs 10:1
Understanding to grow in The opening chapters of Proverbs below start our Bible reading program by showing why we so need God's word. They also give the background to the proverbs we will consider each day from chapter 10 onwards. Solomon was Israel’s famously wise king, living around 1000 BC. His wisdom has now come to us personally in Jesus who is "the wisdom of God" and the "one greater than Solomon" (1 Corinthians 1v24, Matthew 12v42). As you read note the attitudes we should have to wisdom and so to him. Proverbs 1-2
Finish this reading by pausing to ask yourself: 1) What’s the main thing it teaches me about God or his purposes in Christ? Then praise him for this. 2) What’s the main thi…