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Jesus taught that all scripture testifies about him so that in him we might have life (John 5v39-40). King David taught that it is only by living according to God's word that we're kept on the right path (Psalm 119v9). What then could be better than reading the entire Bible? Click the menu to read about the program, choose a month or Bible book - or just work through the blog posts day by day.

(16) 16 January : Proverbs 10v15 / Genesis 18v1-19v29 / Psalm 7v1-5

"Lord open my eyes and my heart."
Read slowly so that you take in. And as you do, turn your heart to God, thanking him for the good you discover and praying his will home for you, your family, your church and the world.

Wisdom to chew on

Understanding to grow in
Some appalling events, but so many significant details. As you read note how hospitality is a mark of the godly character, and consider what it involves. Such hospitality is a model for us towards others, but also patterns how we too should readily welcome God who in turn welcomes us to the intimacy of table-fellowship with him through Christ. Note too, God’s determination to be just and only punish those who warrant it, whilst showing mercy to Lot and his family despite Lot’s evident sin. It too is a pattern of the gospel by which God grabs hold of us (19v16) in salvation. We must remember that in Christ he could re-visit this world with destruction at any time. And we too must therefore run from wickedness.

Finish this reading by pausing to ask yourself:
1) What’s the main thing it teaches me about God or his purposes in Christ? Then praise him for this.
2) What’s the main thing it teaches me about his will for me or the world? Then pray that home.

Devotion to offer up
You could read this aloud and perhaps as a springboard to further prayer.